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ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance

Abundance – Abundance means so much more than material wealth. We’ll explore the many areas one can experience abundance, and how to bring more of it into your life.

ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance

When we think of abundance, often the first idea that comes to mind is wealth. Search for the word on stock photo sites, and you’ll see a carnival of colorful food on overflowing tables. Certainly those are two ways to experience abundance. But there are many others.

Abundance is defined as anything from an ample quantity to extreme plenty or an oversufficient supply. Simply put, it’s a lot. But a lot of what? Fortunately, most of us tend to consider the idea of abundance a positive thing. My friend Helen laughed out loud, though, when I reminded her that we could have an abundance of bullshit. My guess is that you will have in your life an abundance of whatever you focus on most.

I am daily aware of having the luxury of time and space for writing and creating. When I walk our dog, I notice the birds and the trees and the grass and the plenitude of natural phenomena that surround our home.

If you are primarily happy and grateful, you’ll have an abundance of joyful experiences. If you are frequently worried and fearful, it will feel as if all you experience are more things to make you concerned and afraid.

Right now, as I launch this blog and Fairy Positive, I’d like to attract an abundance of readers. They will come, I have no doubt. To get there, though, I am grateful for the wonderful reception of the first few posts. I’m grateful to have a few followers already. I’m grateful to have a month’s worth of posts lined up. I’m grateful to have the Ultimate Blog Challenge to encourage me to write every day for a month. I’m grateful to have a plenitude of art from which to choose – both my own and that of other amazing creatives.

As I mentioned in the post where I laid out the words that correspond to the ABCs of Positivity, I think of gratitude as the gateway emotion: the door-opener to every other positive feeling. The manifestation part of the Law of Attraction is found in both focusing on what we want, and being grateful for it as if it has already come to pass. This is why I know Fairy Positive is already successful. Each day in my morning gratitude and meditation practice, I give thanks for the people who will become readers and members.

I did the same thing before I met my husband. I had no idea who he was or where he was, but I knew he was out there, so I would give thanks for him and bless him, whatever he might be doing at that very moment. When I tell him about that now, we both tear up a bit – because it’s a powerful process to give thanks for something that hasn’t even happened yet.

If you’re looking to attract more abundance in your life – whether it’s money or time or a relationship or anything at all – the first step is to be grateful (a) for what you already have and (b) for what you want to bring in, as if you already have that, too.

Tangentially, get your emotions aligned for abundance, so that you celebrate it whenever you encounter it, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. When you fall into the trap of victim or lack thinking, it can be challenging to be happy for others who have what you want. The key is to be happy for them anyway. Feel it in your whole body, from your head to your heart to your little toes. See their happiness and success and abundance as possible for you, too. Remember that they’re not special. They’re no worthier or luckier than you are. They may just happen to be in a bit better alignment with what they want – but you can get there, too.

It’s not lost on Mickey or me that we came through some challenging situations, both before and after we got together, to arrive at where we are today. We were each stuck, in our own ways. Somehow, we released the negative junk long enough to find our way to each other, and we’ve never looked back. has a list of 11 ways to attract more abundance. Their list also puts gratitude in the #1 spot. There are so many ways to begin a regular gratitude practice if you don’t already have one. Perhaps the easiest is to just grab a journal (or your phone) and jot down 3 things for which you are grateful every night before you go to bed. Expand that by doing the same in the morning. Start and end each day with a grateful thought. You’ll have better sleep and more pleasant days.

Think abundance. Feel abundance. Expect abundance. Accept abundance. Give thanks for abundance.


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Laura Orsini is an author, speaker, consultant, publisher, and creator of Fairy Positive, an antidote to the worries of the world. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


12 thoughts on “ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance

  1. while i have worked backwards from E to A on this journey so far, I have loved all your posts and I know I will continue reading this series.. thank you for an abundance of inspiration through your words


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