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ABCs of Positivity: M Is for Mindfulness

Mindfulness – Much like joy, this term is a bit on the nose, too. It’s a touchstone word today that is almost overused – and yet it is such a key (see what I did there, pulling in another ABC of Positivity?) to a positive life experience that we’ve got to say a few wordsContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: M Is for Mindfulness”


ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude

ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude Gratitude – In this post, I will focus on the gifts we experience when we learn to make gratitude a regular practice. I have long considered gratitude the gateway emotion: unless and until you can feel authentically grateful, it’s quite challenging to feel any other positive emotion, evenContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude”

ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance

Abundance – Abundance means so much more than material wealth. We’ll explore the many areas one can experience abundance, and how to bring more of it into your life. ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance When we think of abundance, often the first idea that comes to mind is wealth. Search for the wordContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: A Is for Abundance”

The Birth of Fairy Positive

The Birth of Fairy Positive Every success story has a beginning. Make that every story. The story of Fairy Positive is straight-forward, and winding, and mundane, and interesting. For me, Fairy Positive is the culmination of a lifelong search for my true passion and purpose. It – meaning the entire Fairy Positive project (i.e., blog,Continue reading “The Birth of Fairy Positive”