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What if Changing One Word Could Help You Get Fit?

Benefit #14: Positivity Helps Us Embrace Exercise The first personal trainer I ever worked with was brilliant at getting results – for a certain type of client. Having been fat as a kid, he learned to exercise, shed the weight, and got his degree in kinesiology (the scientific study of human body movement). He becameContinue reading “What if Changing One Word Could Help You Get Fit?”


Isn’t It Time You Liked Yourself More?

Benefit #11: Positivity Increases Our Self-Esteem A positive outlook naturally leads to positive behaviors – things like problem-solving, good relationship skills, realistic but challenging goal-setting, and good self-care. And with positive actions come positive thoughts, most of which revolve around ourselves. If you subscribe to conventional wisdom, as many as 80 percent of the 5,000Continue reading “Isn’t It Time You Liked Yourself More?”

Benefit #4: Positivity Can Give Our Career a Boost

Who would you be more inclined to say yes to, A or B? (A) The person who shuffled up to you, looking at their shoes, and asked, “You wouldn’t want to go out with me would you?” (B) The person who walked up, looked you in the eye and said hello, followed by, “I’ve beenContinue reading “Benefit #4: Positivity Can Give Our Career a Boost”

ABCs of Positivity: R Is for Relationship

Relationship – Another BIG topic. We’ll explore what they have to do with a positive life experience. ABCs of Positivity: R Is for Relationship The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. This is not a cliché – it is 100 percent true. Why? Because you are the onlyContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: R Is for Relationship”

ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline

ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline Discipline – If you’d told me even 5 years ago that I’d consider writing a book about discipline as a positive thing, I’d have laughed in your face. Well, things change – and I now understand my old friend Matt Moran’s statement that there is freedom in discipline.Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline”

What is Fairy Positive?

What Is Fairy Positive? FAIRY POSITIVE is an antidote to the seemingly negative, sometimes inhospitable world out there. Yep – it sounds silly, maybe even a bit Pollyanna. But if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of all the anger, division, and bullshit. You may be looking for a place to read positive messages thatContinue reading “What is Fairy Positive?”