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Do You Need a Personality Transplant?

Benefit #7: Positivity Improves Our Personality I’ll admit this one is a bit subjective. There is no comprehensive, immutable list of positive personality traits, if only because something you might consider positive – extravagance, for example – I might find objectionable. Go ahead – do your own comparison. Here’s a list of positive personality traitsContinue reading “Do You Need a Personality Transplant?”

Benefit #6 Positivity Makes Us Less Self-Centered

So I’m doing research for today’s post – trying to find a quote or research or a post to validate my idea that positivity makes us less self-centered, and I come upon post after post after post after post from the widest array of publications linking self-centeredness and a concept known as “toxic positivity.” **Continue reading “Benefit #6 Positivity Makes Us Less Self-Centered”

Benefit #5 Positivity Strengthens Our Emotions

Blogging is fun because you get to learn new things in the process of your research. For example, I don’t believe I had ever looked up the definition of emotion before now. I was very interested to find that emotions generally have three components: a subjective experience (different people respond differently to the exact sameContinue reading “Benefit #5 Positivity Strengthens Our Emotions”

Benefit #4: Positivity Can Give Our Career a Boost

Who would you be more inclined to say yes to, A or B? (A) The person who shuffled up to you, looking at their shoes, and asked, “You wouldn’t want to go out with me would you?” (B) The person who walked up, looked you in the eye and said hello, followed by, “I’ve beenContinue reading “Benefit #4: Positivity Can Give Our Career a Boost”

When Missing the Train Ruins Your Whole Day

Benefit #3: Positivity Makes Us Healthier Back in the early ‘90s, I worked the overnight shift for a time at a major NYC law firm. I was one of the few heading home to New Jersey as everyone else was on their way into the office. I still remember an incident when a burly manContinue reading “When Missing the Train Ruins Your Whole Day”

Benefit #2: Positivity Makes Us Feel Good

It may sound a bit simplistic, but the fact is that the more positive we are, the better we feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Research has shown that benefits of a generally positive outlook include everything from better coping skills to greater resistance to illness to improved cardiovascular health to lower rates of stressContinue reading “Benefit #2: Positivity Makes Us Feel Good”

Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier

If you are someone with a generally positive outlook on life, it might seem obvious why being positive could add to your happiness. But that’s only about half the population. For those who find themselves falling on the spectrum of pessimistic to less-than-optimistic, just the idea of positivity could be a bit foreign. Positivity meansContinue reading “Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier”

ABCs of Positivity: E Is for Education

ABCs of Positivity: E Is for Education Education – I’ve long been convinced that most ills in the world could be corrected – or significantly improved – with a proper emphasis on the right kind of education. Lecturing seldom works – but teaching by example is a great way to get your message across. EveryContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: E Is for Education”

ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline

ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline Discipline – If you’d told me even 5 years ago that I’d consider writing a book about discipline as a positive thing, I’d have laughed in your face. Well, things change – and I now understand my old friend Matt Moran’s statement that there is freedom in discipline.Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: D Is for Discipline”

ABCs of Positivity: C Is for Creativity

ABCs of Positivity: C Is for Creativity Creativity – I used to teach a class called “If You Have a Brain You Are a Creative Person.” It’s still my belief we are all creative in some way. Many of us have figured out where our creative talents lie; for others, they may be latent. We’llContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: C Is for Creativity”