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Do You Need a Personality Transplant?

Benefit #7: Positivity Improves Our Personality I’ll admit this one is a bit subjective. There is no comprehensive, immutable list of positive personality traits, if only because something you might consider positive – extravagance, for example – I might find objectionable. Go ahead – do your own comparison. Here’s a list of positive personality traitsContinue reading “Do You Need a Personality Transplant?”


ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health

ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health Health – Yep this is a BIG topic. I’ll touch on the ways I focus on my health and why our mindset has so much to do with how well our bodies feel. When my coaches and mastermind team asked me why I was starting Fairy Positive –Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health”

What is Fairy Positive?

What Is Fairy Positive? FAIRY POSITIVE is an antidote to the seemingly negative, sometimes inhospitable world out there. Yep – it sounds silly, maybe even a bit Pollyanna. But if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of all the anger, division, and bullshit. You may be looking for a place to read positive messages thatContinue reading “What is Fairy Positive?”