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What if Changing One Word Could Help You Get Fit?

Benefit #14: Positivity Helps Us Embrace Exercise The first personal trainer I ever worked with was brilliant at getting results – for a certain type of client. Having been fat as a kid, he learned to exercise, shed the weight, and got his degree in kinesiology (the scientific study of human body movement). He becameContinue reading “What if Changing One Word Could Help You Get Fit?”


ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health

ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health Health – Yep this is a BIG topic. I’ll touch on the ways I focus on my health and why our mindset has so much to do with how well our bodies feel. When my coaches and mastermind team asked me why I was starting Fairy Positive –Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health”