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Benefit #5 Positivity Strengthens Our Emotions

Blogging is fun because you get to learn new things in the process of your research. For example, I don’t believe I had ever looked up the definition of emotion before now. I was very interested to find that emotions generally have three components: a subjective experience (different people respond differently to the exact sameContinue reading “Benefit #5 Positivity Strengthens Our Emotions”

When Missing the Train Ruins Your Whole Day

Benefit #3: Positivity Makes Us Healthier Back in the early ‘90s, I worked the overnight shift for a time at a major NYC law firm. I was one of the few heading home to New Jersey as everyone else was on their way into the office. I still remember an incident when a burly manContinue reading “When Missing the Train Ruins Your Whole Day”

Benefit #2: Positivity Makes Us Feel Good

It may sound a bit simplistic, but the fact is that the more positive we are, the better we feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Research has shown that benefits of a generally positive outlook include everything from better coping skills to greater resistance to illness to improved cardiovascular health to lower rates of stressContinue reading “Benefit #2: Positivity Makes Us Feel Good”