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Don’t Be Like the Douschy Clerk

Benefit #8:Positivity Makes Us Kinder and More Helpful One day, out of the blue, an unanswerable question popped into my head. If we could put all of the disposable straws and straw wrappers used throughout the world in a single day into one big pile, how big would it be? I’m not talking cups orContinue reading “Don’t Be Like the Douschy Clerk”

Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier

If you are someone with a generally positive outlook on life, it might seem obvious why being positive could add to your happiness. But that’s only about half the population. For those who find themselves falling on the spectrum of pessimistic to less-than-optimistic, just the idea of positivity could be a bit foreign. Positivity meansContinue reading “Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier”