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ABCs of Positivity: O Is for Opportunity

Opportunity – How good are you at recognizing opportunities? How good are you at creating opportunities? We’ll look at why some people seem to get all the breaks – and why others often feel like they came in second – or last. ABCs of Positivity: O Is for Opportunity Have you ever noticed that theContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: O Is for Opportunity”

ABCs of Positivity: N Is for Navigation

Navigation – How we move through life determines, in large part, what we experience. Navigation can pertain to driving or piloting instructions or use of an app or website. It can also relate to how we move through the world, both literally and figuratively. You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there,Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: N Is for Navigation”

ABCs of Positivity: M Is for Mindfulness

Mindfulness – Much like joy, this term is a bit on the nose, too. It’s a touchstone word today that is almost overused – and yet it is such a key (see what I did there, pulling in another ABC of Positivity?) to a positive life experience that we’ve got to say a few wordsContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: M Is for Mindfulness”

ABCs of Positivity: L Is for Love and Logic

Love / Logic – I tend to be fairly center-brained, meaning I balance my emotional, arty aspects with precision and problem-solving skills. Knowing when to use love and when logic is needed is an art many of us can learn. ABCs of Positivity: L Is for Love & Logic When it comes to handwriting analysis,Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: L Is for Love and Logic”

ABCs of Positivity: K Is for Keys and Kindness

Keys / Kindness – I started with kindness, but as I imagined the idea of kindness, I was still noodling on K words and the concept of key popped into my head and would not be silenced. While keys literally open doors,  kindness opens figurative doors. So kindness is a key. You’re gonna love theContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: K Is for Keys and Kindness”

ABCs of Positivity: J Is for Joy

ABCs of Positivity: J Is for Joy Joy – Seems kind of on the nose, but joy is a lovely emotion that deserves its own exploration. Though the two emotions are often conflated, joy differs from happiness in that joy tends to be self-generated, while happiness is more of an external experience. What makes someContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: J Is for Joy”

ABCs of Positivity: I Is for Initiative and Intuition

ABCs of Positivity: I Is for Initiative and Intuition Initiative / Intuition – It’s my contention that a key ingredient to success is resourcefulness, along with its first cousin, initiative. Resourcefulness is the ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve. Initiative means moving ahead without waiting to be told. Another important I word is intuition, that innerContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: I Is for Initiative and Intuition”

ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health

ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health Health – Yep this is a BIG topic. I’ll touch on the ways I focus on my health and why our mindset has so much to do with how well our bodies feel. When my coaches and mastermind team asked me why I was starting Fairy Positive –Continue reading “ABCs of Positivity: H Is for Health”

ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude

ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude Gratitude – In this post, I will focus on the gifts we experience when we learn to make gratitude a regular practice. I have long considered gratitude the gateway emotion: unless and until you can feel authentically grateful, it’s quite challenging to feel any other positive emotion, evenContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: G Is for Gratitude”

ABCs of Positivity: F Is for Forgiveness

ABCs of Positivity: F Is for Forgiveness Forgiveness – It’s hard to question the fact that forgiveness can lead to a more positive life experience, but sometimes it’s challenging to get there. We’ll explore why and how to let go and move on. The act of forgiveness means releasing the desire to punish someone forContinue reading “ABCs of Positivity: F Is for Forgiveness”