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Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier

Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier

If you are someone with a generally positive outlook on life, it might seem obvious why being positive could add to your happiness. But that’s only about half the population. For those who find themselves falling on the spectrum of pessimistic to less-than-optimistic, just the idea of positivity could be a bit foreign.

Positivity means having a generally hopeful and confident outlook about the future. That means a focus on what could go right, as opposed to what could go wrong. Thinking that people are generally kind and friendly, as opposed to viewing every stranger as a potentially hostile threat.

So how does one go from the space of being generally less than optimistic to pursuing positivity?

I’m not here to tell you it’s an easy task. But I will also tell you it is possible – with a sense of deliberation and commitment. Wouldn’t it feel better to wake up hopeful instead of feeling dread in the pit of your stomach? Of course, sometimes our external circumstances can dictate this anxiety and it may seem impossible to feel anything else. I remember being broke and worried about how I was going to pay my utility bills – I woke up with a fist-sized knot in my stomach every day for a week. What we sometimes forget – or may never have learned – is that we always, always, always get more of what we focus on.

The Law of Attraction is a real thing. When we look at our wallets and see three quarters and two pennies, we have to choices:

“Oh my god, I’ve only got 78 cents to my name!”


“Thank goodness, at least I have 78 cents!”

If I focus on the lack, I’ll keep on spiraling further into lack until I find myself sleeping on the street. If I focus on abundance – or at least having something – I will find a way to attract the opportunity to earn some money and take care of those bills.

Sometimes, however, the dread isn’t because of any external circumstance we can put our finger on. It’s just our general way of being, having become habit long ago. So how do we shift if that’s the case? That’s where the 30-Day Positivity Challenge can come into play. This is a 30-day series of exercises that gives participants a variety of assignments conducive to feeling better, overall. According to inspirational speaker Abraham Hicks, “Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts.” Abraham Hicks says we accomplish this by simply “reach[ing] for a better feeling thought.”

If you’re ready to start feeling happier, you can – and you can do it today. Begin by making a list of happy thoughts – things that make you smile. Your kids, your pets, your garden. Go all the way back to kindergarten if you need to. Turn on a sitcom if need be. Find something that makes you happy. Write your happy thoughts out with a pen or pencil (this process connects the thoughts, your brain, and your emotions). Then, become aware of your negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe these happen all the time or more occasionally. When the negative thoughts and feelings come, pull out your happy list and choose a happy thought. Focus on the happy thought long enough for the negative one to pass. Do this as often as necessary throughout your day.

The choice is yours: Will you opt for positivity?


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Laura Orsini is an author, speaker, consultant, publisher, and creator of Fairy Positive, an antidote to the worries of the world. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


10 thoughts on “Benefit #1: Positivity Makes Us Happier

  1. Well, I did my day 1 exercise though I feel the least loving towards myself. I did it quite a few times this morning as I washed my hands in the bathroom. I looked into my eyes in the mirror and said, I love you.


    1. Good for you, Lily!

      This idea actually came from Louise Hay. You might want to look her up if you’re not familiar with her. She says you can’t make true progress in any other area of your life unless and until you can love yourself authentically. I started doing this practice of saying “I love you” in the mirror as soon as I heard her mention it in a podcast and have been doing it ever since. It gets easier. Now I wave at myself and smile almost every time.

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  2. I’ve found that a simple reframing of a negative thought, attitude, or belief to something positive or at least neutral creates a nice shift. Then I can keep building to more and more positive statements from there (and they eventually feel believable!).


  3. Anyone can change. It may take some people longer than others. It took me a couple of years. I watched what I thought and trying to counteract negitive thoughts with three positive ones. Anything worth changing takes time.


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